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All new free giffgaff SIM cards receive a free £5 once you use your SIM which will appear on your giffgaff account.

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Do you ever feel trapped in the same old phone plan? Does it seem like no matter what you do, or how hard you try, nothing changes? Well, with giffgaff’s extra SIM card offer freedom is yours!

You can now get an additional SIM card for your friends and family so they too can experience the joy of never being tied down to one network. With unlimited data, calls and texts – this deal just keeps getting better! And if that wasn’t enough – there are no contracts or hidden fees involved.

This exciting new offer from giffgaff has revolutionized the way we use our phones. By introducing a more flexible system which puts us in control of our plans and usage – finally the power is back in our hands! So don’t wait around any longer; take advantage of this amazing opportunity today and break free from those restrictive networks once and for all.

How To Order An Additional Sim Card

Getting an extra Giffgaff SIM for your friends and family couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is head over to the Giffgaff website, choose a plan that suits them best and add it to your basket. It’s really easy – just select their device type from the drop-down menu, then follow the instructions on screen. You’ll be able to review all of your choices before confirming your purchase too.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect plan for them, click ‘Add To Basket’ and pay securely with PayPal or credit/debit card. You can also top up their account via text message if they’re already a member. Then you’re good to go! No long forms or tedious phone calls needed – everything is done quickly and easily online.

At this point, all that’s left is getting it delivered and activated so they can start enjoying their new Giffgaff freedom as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at how that works…

Delivery & Activation Process

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s time to get into the delivery and activation process. It’s important that this is done correctly for a smooth transition from ordering to using your SIM card.

First off, all giffgaff orders are sent via Royal Mail 1st Class post so be sure to check if any of your friends or family need special arrangements in terms of delivery. Once they have their new sim cards in hand, they will need to activate them by following the instructions on the package – there’s also a handy guide online if they’re stuck! After they enter the unique 19-digit number (SIM Activation Code) found on the package onto our website, they’ll be ready to start enjoying giffgaff straight away.

The great thing about giffgaff is that everyone can take advantage of our amazing perks right out of the box – no contracts needed! We offer some really competitive bundles ranging from unlimited minutes and texts, through to plenty of data options too. And with an excellent network coverage across the UK, we make sure that every call made and text sent reaches its destination without fail.

When it comes down to activating those extra SIM cards for family and friends – just remember: keep track of when it arrives; follow the simple steps provided; and enjoy all that freedom giffgaff has to offer! With setting up your account as easy as pie, you can now look forward to creating fantastic experiences with your new connections.

Setting Up Your Account

Ah, the joys of having a giffgaff SIM card. With it comes an escape from traditional contracts and commitments, allowing you to freely move around your mobile world with no strings attached.

To get started, activate your new SIM by heading over to giffgaff’s website or app. Here you can easily create an account that will do all the work for you when managing multiple numbers. Then simply top up the balance on your account so you’re ready to start talking and texting!

Finally, don’t forget about friends and family… after all, sharing is caring! Give them the gift of freedom too by sending them a free sim card through giffgaff and helping them set up their own accounts.

And with that, we’re ready to take charge of our mobile freedom! Onward then to managing multiple accounts…

Managing Multiple Accounts

Managing multiple giffgaff accounts is an essential part of getting the most out of your giffgaff experience. It’s a great way to top up friends and family while keeping track of credits and purchases. Here are our four tips for managing multiple accounts:

  1. Set Up Separate Accounts** – Create separate accounts for different members of your family, or if you have more than one phone number. That way, it’s easier to manage credit usage and keep track of who needs topping up.
  2. Keep Your Credit Balanced** – When topping up other people’s phones, make sure to use the same amount each time so that everyone can enjoy their own goodybags in harmony. This will also help with budgeting since you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending every month on others’ mobile plans.
  3. Get An Extra Sim Card For Friends And Family** – If you want someone else to get access to giffgaff services without having to open an account themselves, then getting them an extra sim card is a great idea! You can control the credit balance on each sim card separately and even set limits on how much they can spend per month.
  4. Share The Love!** – Reciprocity goes both ways when it comes to taking care of those closest to us – why not share some of your spare credit with your friends and family? They’ll be thankful for being able to stay connected and appreciative of your generous gesture!
  5. So there you have it – all the tools necessary for staying in control over multiple giffgaff accounts! Now let’s move onto choosing the right goodybag for your lifestyle…

Choosing The Right Goodybag

Making the right choice of Goodybag for your friends and family can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry – we’ll help you make an informed decision with ease!

First, consider which type of plan fits their needs best – Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly? If they need more flexibility, then PAYG may be the way to go. They have the freedom to choose how much data, minutes and texts they want each month without being locked into a contract. Plus, if they top up regularly they can take advantage of rewards like free boosters.

On the other hand, if they’re looking for great value on monthly allowances that roll over, then our range of Pay Monthly plans might suit them better. Our Big Bundles offer unlimited calls & text as well as generous 4G data allowances perfect for streaming music and videos on-the-go. Whatever option is chosen, giffgaff’s award winning customer service will always be there to support them along the way.

With this in mind, let’s dive into giffgaff’s terms and conditions…

Giffgaff’s Terms And Conditions

Giffgaff’s terms and conditions are an important part of ordering a new SIM card. We want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into when it comes to using the service, so let’s take a closer look.

First up, all orders must be placed by someone over 18 years old who is legally eligible to sign-up for services in their country or region. That person will also need to agree to our Terms & Conditions before proceeding with any order.

Next, if you choose to use your Giffgaff SIM Card outside its intended geographic area (for example Australia), roaming charges may apply which could result in additional costs being incurred. It’s important that you check out our Roaming Policy before leaving your home network coverage area.

Finally, we have plenty of helpful support options available should you ever need help – from online FAQs through chat support and even phone numbers where applicable; just head over to My Account or give us a call on +44 808 168 7077 – whatever works best for you!

Getting Support If You Need Help

  • Did you know that giffgaff has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK? They are dedicated to providing excellent service for their customers and have a variety of ways you can get help if needed:
  • Live Chat – an online chat with a team member
  • Community Forum – users helping each other out
  • Social Media – direct messaging on Twitter or Facebook
  • Having support available is great, but it’s even better when someone goes above and beyond. That’s exactly what giffgaff does – they give extra attention to make sure your issue gets resolved quickly. They also offer helpful advice from experienced members of their community, which gives you access to tips and tricks not found anywhere else. This kind of personalized experience makes it easier to stay connected and get any help you need right away.

The best part about this is that there is no commitment involved – just simple, straightforward communication whenever you need it. So whether you’re looking for technical assistance or just want someone to talk to, giffgaff will always be there for you! With all these features combined, it’s clear why so many people choose giffgaff as their go-to mobile provider. Now let’s take a look at some rewards they offer for recommending them to others…

Rewards For Recommending Giffgaff

If you’re looking for ways to get a free Giffgaff sim card, why not use the company’s referral program? When you recommend a friend or family member to GiffGaff and they sign up, both of you will receive extra rewards. It’s an easy way to give yourself and your friends something back!

You’ll make £5 in Payback points when your friend tops up their new account with at least £10 within 30 days. Plus, if they go on to top up three times over the next six months then you can earn another £25. That could be enough money for two more sim cards! And what better way is there to spread some love than helping someone else stay connected?

Plus, once you’ve joined GiffGaff, you can become part of our massive community that works together and helps each other out. You can join forums where members help each other solve problems and discuss new offers – it’s like having access to all your mates’ collective knowledge!

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity; start referring today and watch as your reward pot grows with every successful recommendation. Then let’s take a look at the different types of sim cards available from Giffgaff…

Different Types Of Sim Cards Available

Giffgaff offers a range of SIM cards for friends and family. From pay-as-you-go to monthly plans, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for an extra Giffgaff SIM card for your friends or family, we’ve got the perfect solution!

No matter if you want to stay connected with loved ones while on vacation, share data across multiple devices, or simply keep in touch without worrying about roaming charges – Giffgaff has just what you need. With a variety of different sized SIMs available – from full size to nano and micro – there’s sure to be one that fits your device perfectly. Plus, all come at competitive rates.

For those who are always on the go, Giffgaff provides unlimited calls, texts and data packages which can be tailored to suit individual needs. Whether it’s a simple plan with basic coverage or a more comprehensive package with added extras such as tethering or international calling options, there’s something for every budget – allowing users to get exactly what they want out of their network provider. So whatever your requirements may be, rest assured that Giffgaff will have an option that suits you down to the ground!

Thanks to its wide range of flexible SIM cards, staying connected doesn’t have to break the bank – giving customers peace of mind knowing they won’t incur any hidden costs along the way. Now let’s move onto strategies for reducing costs when using Giffgagg’s services …

Strategies For Reducing Costs

If you want to reduce costs when getting a GiffGaff SIM card for friends and family, there are some smart strategies that can help. Firstly, always look out for offers or discounts – these can save you money on your purchase. Keep an eye on their website for details of any special deals or use price comparison sites to make sure that you get the best deal.

Secondly, think about buying multiple cards in one go. This could be a more cost-effective option than purchasing individual cards each time someone needs one. You’ll also benefit from reduced delivery charges if you’re ordering online. And don’t forget to take advantage of rewards schemes too! These loyalty programs offer points which can be exchanged for vouchers and discounts – so it’s worth signing up early on if possible.

Finally, why not try recruiting other people in your network? If they sign up with GiffGaff using your unique referral code, both you and them will receive bonuses such as free credit or additional data allowances – what’s not to like? It’s an easy win-win situation, so spread the word and see how much you can save along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For An Extra Sim Card To Arrive?

Are you wondering how long it takes to get an extra Giffgaff SIM card for friends and family? Well, the answer may surprise you. The process is fast, easy, and stress-free! In this article, I’ll explain why getting a Giffgaff SIM card takes so little time.

To start with, ordering your extra Giffgaff SIM card is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is visit the company’s website or use their app on your device. From there, simply follow the instructions provided until your order is complete. You can even choose from various payment options such as PayPal or credit cards for added convenience.

Once everything has been processed correctly, delivery of your new Giffgaff SIM card will begin almost immediately. Depending on where in the world you are located, delivery typically arrives within 2-5 business days – sometimes sooner if luck smiles upon you! That’s significantly faster than many other online orders which often take weeks or months to arrive at your doorstep.

No matter what country you call home, you can feel confident that your new Giffgaff SIM card will be delivered quickly and safely right when you need it most. So go ahead: make sure your loved ones always stay connected by obtaining an extra sim today!

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Extra Sim Cards I Can Order?

Are you looking to give your friends and family an extra Giffgaff SIM card? Well, I’m here to tell ya: there’s no limit! You can order as many extra cards as you like. No need to worry about running out—you’ll have enough for everyone.

But how long will it take? You don’t wanna leave your loved ones waiting around forever! Fear not; the delivery times are swift and reliable. Your order should arrive in just a few days’ time, so they won’t be left hanging. That means more time spent chatting away with those closest to you.

So what’re you waiting for? Get busy ordering up some extra SIM cards today and provide your pals with some top-notch mobile coverage pronto. With Giffgaff, giving your buddies a quality connection has never been easier or faster—and best of all, there’s absolutely no restriction on the number of extras that you can get hold of!

Are There Any Costs Associated With Setting Up A New Sim Card?

Are there any costs associated with setting up a new SIM card? This is an important question to ask when considering getting extra SIM cards for friends and family. It’s no secret that mobile plans can be expensive, so it pays to do your research before committing to anything.

When it comes to the cost of a new SIM card, many people assume they have to pay upfront but this isn’t always the case. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider:

* Whether or not you need delivery charges;
* Any setup fees;
* Data and text allowances;
* Contract length; and
* Monthly costs.

Anthony Sullivan style: When seeking out additional SIMs for loved ones, one has to ponder if there are any hidden costs associated with setting up these lines of communication. After all, we want our connections without breaking the bank! Well, I’m here to tell ya – don’t worry about shelling out big bucks just yet! Many presume they must first purchase their device outright – however, this may not be true depending on certain circumstances. So what kind of criteria should we weigh in order make sure we’re making a smart decision? Consider things such as delivery prices, fees required for activation, monthly rates based on texting/data usage allowance, how long the plan lasts and other related expenses. But fear not my fellow giffgaffers – freedom awaits us! Staying vigilant by researching thoroughly prior to signing-up ensures that each penny counts towards creating lasting memories with those who matter most in life!

Can I Use The Same Account For Multiple Sim Cards?

Can I use the same account for multiple SIM cards? That’s a great question and one that many people want to know. It’s understandable why you’re thinking about this, after all having an extra SIM card or two can be very convenient! So does it work with giffgaff?

The good news is, yes you can have multiple SIMs under one account – as long as they are active at any given time. This means that if you’ve got friends or family who need a new SIM, then your own giffgaff account could be used. All you’ll need to do is activate each of the individual SIMs on the same account and set up different plans, so everyone has what they need while still being tied together in one place.

Using the same account for multiple SIM cards makes managing payments easier too. You only have one payment source when setting up members of your household which saves time and effort – plus there are often discounts available for people using more than one plan from their account. With giffgaff it really couldn’t be simpler; just order another SIM online and enjoy true freedom from contracts by using pay-as-you-go plans instead.

Is There A Loyalty Program For Existing Customers?

Are you a loyal GiffGaff customer? If so, you may be wondering if there is a loyalty program for existing customers. Here’s what you need to know about how GiffGaff rewards its faithful followers.
Take the example of Fred who has been a GiffGaff user since 2012. He always tops up his SIM card and pays his bills on time each month; in return he benefits from exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and other special offers. As such, Fred enjoys being part of the GiffGaff community while also enjoying some great perks!
Here are four ways that existing customers can benefit from the loyalty program:
1. Discounts on phone accessories
2. Free or discounted international roaming services
3. Access to exclusive competitions with bigger prizes than non-loyalty members
4. Special rewards for referring friends and family to join the network
At GiffGaff, we believe in rewarding our most loyal customers for their ongoing commitment and enthusiasm – so why not make the most of it? With these generous benefits available at your fingertips, you can enjoy all the advantages of being part of our vibrant community without missing out on any great deals!


The process of getting an extra giffgaff SIM card for friends and family isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s relatively quick, easy and cost-effective to get a new SIM card set up and ready to go.

Plus, there are added benefits like being able to use the same account for multiple SIM cards, or taking advantage of the loyalty program if you’re already an existing customer. These little touches can help make it that much easier to keep your friends and family connected without breaking the bank.

But most importantly, having an extra SIM card around means never feeling alone in this big world we live in – no matter where life takes us! With each extra connection comes more opportunity for meaningful conversations, shared experiences and so much more. So why not take a few moments out of your day and give someone special the gift of communication?

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“Only just joined GiffGaff but it was a seamless and very simple thing to do. It seems to be the cheapest and most generous network that exists! A lesson to the other networks possibly?, I love GiffGaff goodybags”,  giffgaffed since 14/08/2011
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“I joined as you get the best network with packages to suit you changeable month on month based on how YOU want to manage your account. IT’S SIMPLY BRILLIANT”, giffgaffed since 02/09/2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are giffgaff goodybags?

Giffgaff is a mobile network that offers pay-as-you-go sim cards or pay monthly contracts, with the focus on low-cost, no frills services. It has a socially responsible ethos, and its customers are encouraged to help each other out by sharing information about the service on the Giffgaff forum. Goodybags, introduced in 2007, are Giffgaff's most popular deals. They come with unlimited minutes, texts and a certain amount of data traffic, and as their name suggests, you get a goodybag every month. However, Giffgaff's main selling point is its high-speed 4G network, which covers 99% of the UK population.

How do I get my free sim card

Getting a free Giffgaff sim card is super easy, and it only takes about 3 minutes - follow these steps. First, you'll need to have a mobile phone - either a new one or an old one that you don't use. Then, click here to sign up for a free Giffgaff sim card that will be delivered straight to your door. Your new sim card will come with free texts and minutes, and if you choose to top up, you'll be paying a lot less than you would with the network you're currently with.

How can I cancel a goodybag

You've signed up for a goodybag on Giffgaff, but now you want to cancel it. But how do you go about doing that? Well, there are two ways to cancel your Giffgaff goodybag. The faster way is to call Giffgaff customer service, as this is the only way to do it if you're outside the UK. The other way is to cancel your Giffgaff goodybag online.

How do I change my goodybag

The first step to changing your Giffgaff goodybag is to log into your account, and locate the goodybag section. You'll be pleased to know that it's very easy to find, appearing right at the top of your account's homepage. Next, you need to choose the goodybag you want to change. You have two goodybag options: Pay as You Go (PAYG) and Flex. The Flex goodybag is a great option for those of you who want the best possible talk, text and data deal for your money, and with over 60 bundles to choose from, you will find one that fits your needs.

I have just finished the goodybag, can I have a new one

The Giffgaff sim card is a type of sim card you can get for free; all you have to do is register for a free account and then go to a shop and pick it up. You then put the sim card in your phone and it will start working immediately. You need to make sure you have a phone that can take a sim card before you can use the Giffgaff sim card.

Can I use my goodybag in the EU?

Sure thing. While roaming in the EU your goodybag works just like it does at home. Members on the Always On and £20 goodybags, as well as our £15, £20 and £35 golden goodybags, will use up to 20 GB of their allowance while roaming in the EU and selected destinations.

Can I keep my old phone number?
Sure thing. We'd love to bring your old number to giffgaff. After you've activated your SIM, we'll give you a link to transfer your old number. You'll just need your PAC code from your previous network.
Giffgaff offers payback points to members who recruit other members, suggest ideas on their crowdsourcing platform (Giffgaff Labs), as well as those who provide customer service on the Giffgaff community.

Payback points can be exchanged for real money, airtime credit, or donated to five charities (new 2020) nominated by members and paid out biannually in June and December. Giffgaff promise to match their members charitable donations, pound for pound. Giffgaff is an old Scottish word for 'mutual giving' and the company maintains that ethos, as much as possible.


Giffgaff implemented 5G on their golden goodybag range using their new 5G sim on the 7 January 2021.
Existing 4G Giffgaff SIMs will continue to work.
Giffgaff's 5G, like all their network services, runs on the O Network. O2 rolled out their 5G network access to O2 customers in October 2019.


Giffgaff's mobile phone service is based on O2's network and offers 99% population coverage across the UK.

Customer Service

In keeping with its strapline: ‘the mobile network run by you' Giffgaff's customer service is operated by its own customers, dubbed members, who answer your queries and help you out when you're stuck. Anyone can sign up to be a member. And for their efforts, they'll be rewarded with Giffgaff points, not to mention the satisfaction of helping others.

Giffgaff claims that its team of members allow you can get help at any time, day or night, unlike big mobile networks' call centres that are only open between certain times. And it should mean there's no need to wait in long call centre queues either.

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