In recent years, SIM only plans have surged in popularity – largely because they’re flexible and you only pay for usage (minutes, texts and data) rather than a phone as well. These plans are offered by pretty much every UK mobile network, but we’ve found the very best deal out there.

Of course, what you want from a SIM only plan depends on what you’ll use your phone for. We’ve gone through the deals that are perfect for students – that means they are low cost saving your money for other things!

Mobile operator giffgaff has recently announced that they’re launching a brand-new golden goodybag (mobile phone plan), just for students. Students with an email address will be able to access a special £10 goodybag, which provides 16GB of data (3GB more data than ’s regular £10 golden goodybag), as well as unlimited UK calls and texts and EU roaming.

Students who  will need to activate their SIM by 31st January 2022. If ordered online, a valid student email address will also be required upon activation.

Unlimited minutes, data and texts all sound appealing, but the truth is that you will be spending money out of your rear end for things that you don’t actually need.

With iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat all offering free messaging services, the number of actual texts that you send is probably lower than ever. As such, you probably don’t need unlimited texts.

Once you login you will get to see this special 30% extra data for free offer just for signing up with your educational email address.


Update for October 2021!

The amount of data you get with your £10 student golden goodybag is increasing from 13 GB to 16 GB.

This new data allowance will be available with all goodybags bought on or after 22 October 2021.

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